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As our client in Stoneycroft, our goal is to present outcomes that will exceed your desires. That is why we have acquired a team that is knowledgeable and experienced in completing basic overlays over existing surfaces. Also, when you require a full excavation of our location undertaken, they will be up to the job.

We know so well the power of being unique and the impact it brings about. We recognise that a well-kept patio floor, an amazing driveway, well-manicured lawn or simple yard are all so pleasing to the eyes. Having actually been in the game for a long time, we have grasped and refined the art of bringing out only the very best to your project.

To achieve this:
We make use of totally natural stones carefully picked from easily the most respectable quarries from within the UK and throughout Europe. We choose such stones due to the fact that we value originality and also because of their nature to sustain any conditions, extreme or subtle, unwaveringly.

We only apply resin that integrates the most current polymer technology which guarantees solid and long lasting bonds. This is exactly how we ensure you have a resilient and excellent surface that is going to serve you better than all the other available alternatives.

The majority of property owners we serve admit to wanting resin bound surfacing because they felt trapped in aged driveways without any appeal. You do not need to endure a bad-looking, damaged, uneven driveway when there’s a much better long-lasting option.

Our Accreditations
The Resin Flooring Association
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Really enjoyed the result, specifically the finish quality. It gave my residence a face-lift. I additionally loved collaborating with the team as they were friendly and finished the work on time. I 'd strongly recommend them anytime.

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We just recently had our drive done and we are absolutely happy with it. The entire team are expert, hard working and respectful ... you actually will not get a better team to do your drive ... believe me!

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Initially, we had difficulty identifying resin driveway experts that completely understood the scope of our needs and were capable of fulfilling all of them. It still amazes us just how this company managed to produce the specific end results we desired and leave us with a driveway that completes the appearance of our residential property.


High quality Resin Bound Gravel

All the products we make use of in our projects have passed a series of assessment tests on all mixtures and have likewise undergone anti-slip proof tests.

This guarantees that the resin is of top quality and can work well in both domestic and commercial installations.

All our products undergo all these tests to ensure that the resin is not just pliable but also easy to work with while at the same time maintaining the aesthetic qualities as well as slip-resistance.

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Our Resin Bound Driveway Approach For Stoneycroft

By putting together the experience we‘ve picked throughout the years and the fantastic responses we get from customers, we have created solutions that have produced some of the most ideal driveways for all our customers.

In our jobs, we only make use of tried and tested all-natural stones that we carefully choose from the most reliable quarries in the UK and across Europe.

The stones are sturdy and have undergone checks that ultimately guarantee durability and uniformity.

With such qualities, you are ensured of great outcomes.

To ensure solid and lasting bonds, we apply resin that features the most current polymer technology.

We are pleased to report that the outcome from this has always been lasting and reliable surfaces that will serve you better than any other alternative would.

Customer Approval

Whatever we do to the end, we have our customers in mind. As such, we tailor our resin bound material to fulfill as well as cater to your individual needs. Customer satisfaction is our biggest flex.We are likewise conscious of the fact that you might not always be familiar with the whole chemistry of resin application.

But worry not because we have a team that has specialised in styles as well as installations at your service. They are going to provide you with all the information you require regarding resin and tirelessly guide you on the most suitable picks to achieve your intended final result.
Inevitably, our goal is to make your residential or commercial property better and draw out that wow factor.

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Why Partner With Our Company?
We are happy to be the premier West Midlands resin driveway business. Our experience covers years in which we have perfected the mounting of resin driveways in domestic and business setups.

We offer efficient as well as expert remedies ranging from restoring driveways and patio areas, setting up ofeco-friendly projects to installing anti-slip surfaces in residential homes and quality flooring solutions for kids play areas.

We are open to showing you projects we have finished for all our happy customers, both domestic and commercial. Likewise, you can sample the various kinds of resin products our company supplies.

Stoneycroft Epoxy Driveways Experts

Our surfaces are SUDS compliant which equates to better drainage of unwanted water in an economical and eco friendly way.

They are also porous in nature which aids in protecting against flooding as the surface does not retain water and neither does this allow the accumulation of water puddles or ice puddles during winter season.

We are readily available to work with you on your project to make certain you get precisely what you imagined. Call us today for a no obligation quote and let us make your aspiration come true.

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Stoneycroft Resin Bound Driveways - Bonded Stone Surfacing Contractor

Inject New Life To Your Driveway And Also Raise The Market Price Of Your Home
You can give your home a fresh refined appearance by redoing your driveway.

For a resilient as well as low-maintenance solution, look no further than our resin bound driveways. You get to experience all that while at the same time enhancing your home’s general feel as well as allure.

As an alternative to the conventional driveway setting, our eco-friendly resin bound driveways enliven your residence, giving it an attractive appearance.

Factually speaking, resin bound driveways are far more environmentally friendly than their concrete counterparts by 10 times.

Likewise, you do need to worry about irritating puddles any longer.

We take satisfaction in having products that naturally drain water throughout the finished area.

We offer a variety of colours for you to pick from. Whatever colour functions well for you, we have it ready. From the bright and lively colours to the more relaxed and easy shades, we got them all. All you require is to select one that praises your style.

What is Resin Stone Paving?

All of us would enjoy it if our driveways or outdoor patios looked classy in appearance and style. To get that desired look you have been longing for, just go the resin-paving way.

For that smooth-textured stone finish on driveways, swimming pool boundaries, public walkways, entryways to commercial buildings, pathways in recreation areas, walkways, you name it, resin-bound surfaces will come through.

Resin-bound surfaces give that firm, slip-resistant as well as permeable effect to your driveways. If installed appropriately, the surface will require extremely little to no maintenance. Plus, they are really resilient.

With a resin driveway, you can kiss puddles goodbye as their permeable nature deals with this. Likewise, you are guaranteed that you will not need to manage ugly cracks.

Resins are available in various shades to match your choice. Our colours do not fade in any way and are durable. The resins are tried and tested to withstand extreme climate conditions without withering away. This makes them the most suitable option for all of your outside usage.

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Advantages of Resin Pathways, Resin Paving, Resin Patios

Resin-bound paving is a budget friendly paving procedure because of its adaptability and resistant nature. Nevertheless, there are various other reasons why it’s the most popular paving technique in Merseyside. They include:

A natural stone appearance

Durability and low-maintenance

Smooth and slip-resistant Anti-slip finish, consistent and seamless

A wide array of choices to suit your surroundings.

It can be laid at differing thickness to lower any abnormalities

It is permeable leaving room for water drainage

Home and business owners, particularly those in big areas, are recommended by the Environment Agency to make use of resin in order to stop flooding.

Stoneycroft resin stairs and paving

Why Go With Our Company?

Right before embarking on giving your driveway a resin touch, there are a lot of things you require to factor in. From the cost and driveway styles to longevity, ease of application among others.
Whatever your requirements are, a resin driveway will fulfil them to your satisfaction. Not only is this surface graceful but also extremely vibrant and filled with inspiration.

Driveways, together with outdoor patios count among the most vital areas of any property. They contribute to the feel and look of any property, making it cosy and appealing to the optics. Nevertheless, our team believes that they serve a lot more than that. We believe in making driveways that offer peace of mind and treasured memories to visitors.

Some Other Good Reasons To Choose A Resin Bound Driveway:

I bet the question in your mind right now is “what are resin driveways and why is it so phenomenal to make it an ideal candidate for my home?” Well, let’s jump to the juicy part and take a look at what resin driveways are and the mystic-like features it holds. No technical stuff, I promise!

Resin driveways are a blend of gravel bound in a clear UV stable resin. The resin mix provides a smooth surface for your private drive. It is porous and thus let’s water flow through to avoid flooding but additionally sturdy enough to withstand cracking. Many people are choosing this option now. To get the most out of your resin driveways; you need to have a qualified professional to advise you on the style, type and costs of the driveway that is most suitable for your front of house.

Resin driveways have several exceptional qualities that very few other driveways can boast about. If you are searching for a company capable of installing resin driveways, we can help.

Resin Driveway Colours For Elegance

Is your tarmac driveway a sore spot? Resin driveways give you the chance to make use of any colour of your choice. Bid farewell to your boring tarmac driveway. With resin, you can’t fail. On top of that, resin driveways are of top quality and UV steady hence will not fade imaginable.

It has anti-stain homes indicating occasional oil spills will not harm your driveway.

colour possibilities readily available for driveways
resin surfaced outdoor patio in Stoneycroft

Resin Driveway Cost - Simple Installs!

With resin driveways, you do not need to fear a big quantity of work. This type of surface has an extremely basic easy laying process.

With no existing base, excavation is the next best option in order to load the ground with a more suitable material. You have an option between concrete, tarmac or asphalt. After that, the resin mix is carefully poured and spread to achieve your desired layout.

Having said that, the work is much easier where there is an existing base.

Resin Driveways Near Me

Resin driveways are additionally very low maintenance. Compared to its competitors in the market, resin driveways are merely cleaned by applying water on the surface and sweeping with a hard broom. With this comfortable activity, you will hold back grass and other weeds from spoiling your driveway.

The costs for resin-bound surfacing can vary depending upon the size and site of the chosen area. If you’ve got a large drive that you are selecting to install resin-bound on, then the costs will be higher because of more products being used.

Resin bound may be more expensive than other driveway types such as tarmac, on the other hand it has a better appearance and is very resilient through all weather conditions. With very little maintenance and a long lasting product, this resin bound is a great option for you and is really affordable.

If you are still undecided on whether to have a resin-bound driveway, worry not as we have your back. We will more than happy to take you around and reveal you some of the works we have done for customers in West Midlands. These tours are going to help you choose if this is something you ‘d want for your driveway or not.

If persuaded to get on board, then our team will devotedly provide a product that fulfills and even exceeds your expectations. The style or type of your desired resin-bound driveway notwithstanding, trust our trained team of professionals to bring out the very best finish that is going to give your home that cosy and warm feeling.

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